Shades of Turquoise

shades of turquoiseIn spite of what many may believe, there are actually many different shades of turquoise. There is not only one end all, be all hue when it comes to turquoise. Much like any other color in the spectrum, there are varying shades of turquoise. Traditionally, shades of turquoise range from a light to medium blue to a greenish-blue. However, much like the very same stone that bears its namesake, no two shades of turquoise are alike.

Shades of Turquoise Stones

As mentioned earlier above, each turquoise stone is much like a snowflake in the sense that no two special gems are alike. Some stones give off an amazing spider web appearance, while others display incredible and intricate matrix veins. In what was once known as Persia, Iranian turquoise is viewed as the bluest and best in the world. While in Nevada in the United States, you will find some of the brightest and best green turquoise on Earth.

Shades of Turquoise in Fashion

When it comes to fashion, different shades of turquoise give off a different type of appeal. Lighter shades of turquoise tend to give off a bouncier, happier and more friendly appeal. Lighter shades also invoke images of summer days spent with friends or family on the beach. Darker shades can make someone appear more businesslike, sophisticated and in charge. Darker shades also conjure up images of fancy events and business parties conducted in fall and winter months.

Different shades of turquoise have the ability to say everything about your style and personality. Whether it is the makeup you wear or your style of shoes, dresses or blouses, the shades of turquoise you choose says a great deal about who you are. Typically you cannot go wrong, no matter which shade of turquoise you prefer.